Cooking Show Horeca Expo 2023

 In the frame of the participation of the co-financed by Greece and European Union campaign "SeaFoodFantastic" at the Horeca Expo 2023 Belgium trade fair (Hall 04, Booth 4234) on 19-22 November 2023, an insightful live cooking show was held by the respected chef Marc Costers. Professionals from the field of gastronomy had the exceptional chance to taste the unique flavors of the created dishes while learning more about the SeaFoodFantastic campaign. More specifically the showcased recipes were:

- Sea bass fillet with tomato compote and spaghetti made from potato and zucchini.
- Sea bream saltimbocca fillet with potato mousseline.
- Nem (pastry) with sea bream or sea bass, spinach, and feta.

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Friday, 24 November 2023